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Heat Pumps

High Efficiency Heat Pumps

Heat pumps can supply heat, cooling, and hot water, and offer an energy-efficient alternative to furnaces and air conditioners. A high-efficiency heat pump system also provides superior dehumidification, which means less energy usage and greater comfort during summer months.

Heat pump types:

  • An air-source uses exterior air temperature as a heat source or heat sink.
  • A ground-source or geothermal heat pump utilizes the stable temperature of the earth at depths beyond 6ft.
  • A ductless mini-split heat pump is an air-source model designed to heat just 1-3 rooms.

More Than Twice as Efficient as Older Models

Even in perfect condition, an older heat pump may be operating at a SEER (seasonal energy efficiency rating) of just 6-8. A new, high-efficiency heat pump will have an efficiency (SEER) rating of 19-20 –two to three times more efficient!

Check out some of the advanced features found in today’s high-performance heat pumps:

  • Taller exterior profile for improved air circulation and heat exchange.
  • Quieter performance.
  • 2-speed compressor for energy efficiency.
  • Variable-speed blower for improved comfort and energy performance.
  • Superior humidity control.
  • Water heating capability to dramatically cut water heating costs and eliminate the need for a separate water heater.

Don’t forget the ductwork!

Leaky, poorly insulated ducts will cut heat pump efficiency by 20% or more. An imbalanced ductwork system will cause some rooms to be too cold and others to be too hot.

Make sure to have O'Donnell Plumbing, Heating & Air check your ductwork system for these common but easily repairable problems.